About Me

i am a christian
this means i live my life in service to my creator
this is a pretty good deal because he is God
and he has a whole lotta big love going on
you should read about it in this awesome book he wrote.
i am a wife
a flawed wife
a cheeky wife
sometimes an angry wife
but a wife who loves her mister
i am a mama
to two sweet little girls
one, who is not so little anymore
and another who
who smiles and smiles
wish i were a hipster sometimes
but i cant pull it off
im not cool enough
like crafts and cooking
wearing dresses
dancing and playing music
window shopping and
walking places with my little family.

If you'd like to read more about the times I was pregnant then feel free to peruse my weekly photos here. View my ballooning belly and Myls increasing photography skilz.

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